boot.pval version 0.5

Added support for AFT models fitted using rms::psm. Added functions for creating publication-ready summary tables using the gt and flextable packages. Removed support for BCa intervals for some regression models, as these are not longer supported by upstream packages.

boot.pval version 0.4.1

Fixed a bug that caused boot_summary to throw an error when used with GLM’s in R version >= 4.2.

boot.pval version 0.4

Two bugs in censboot_summary() have been fixed: a) a bug which caused incorrect p-values for exponentiated coefficients, and b) a bug that cause the function to fail if the variables in the Surv object weren’t named time and status. An options for creating a table for exponentiated coefficients using boot_summary() has also been added (useful e.g. for logistic regression models).

boot.pval version 0.3

boot_summary() now also works for mixed linear models fitted using the lmerTest package. In previous releases, such models weren’t correctly identified by boot_summary().

boot.pval version 0.2

Changes have been made in the documentation, and additional error messages have been added.

boot.pval version 0.1

This is the first release of the package.