ffsimulator 1.1.0

This release of ffsimulator adds new features and refactors a lot of the backend for improved calculation efficiency.

New features

Backend changes

Many backend changes - some are breaking (grimaces and points at the experimental badge).

Immensely grateful to everyone who used and shared the first release of this package - it’s been very motivating! Special thanks to [@JoeSydlowski](https://github.com/joesydlowski), [@topfunky](https://github.com/topfunky), [@mrcaseb](https://github.com/mrcaseb) for their contributions and feedback.

ffsimulator 1.0.0

The ffsimulator package uses bootstrap resampling to run fantasy football season simulations supported by historical rankings and nflfastR data, calculating optimal lineups, and returning aggregated results.

This initial release introduces two major functions:

and also introduces a suite of subfunctions that power the main simulation, mostly prefixed with ffs_

Finally, this first version includes two dataframes:

Other features developed for initial release include:

Features postponed to subsequent versions: