R-package irrNA: Coefficients of Interrater Reliability - Generalized for Randomly Incomplete Datasets


irrNA provides coefficients of interrater reliability that are generalized to cope with randomly incomplete (i.e. unbalanced) datasets without any imputation of missing values or any (row-wise or column-wise) omissions of actually available data. Applied to complete (balanced) datasets, these generalizations yield the same results as the common procedures, namely the Intraclass Correlation according to McGraw & Wong (1996, ) and the Coefficient of Concordance according to Kendall & Babington Smith (1939, ).


To get startet you could type the following line-commands into the R-console:

install.packages(irrNA) library(irrNA) example(iccNA) example(icc_corr) example(kendallNA)

For metrically scaled data please use iccNA; kendallNA is for ordinally scaled data. For further information please refer to https://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/irrNA/irrNA.pdf


You can find the latest version of irrNA on all CRAN-mirrors or at https://CRAN.R-project.org/package=irrNA .