metadat: Meta-Analysis Datasets for R

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The metadat package contains a large collection of meta-analysis datasets. These datasets are useful for teaching purposes, illustrating/testing meta-analytic methods, and validating published analyses.


The current official (i.e., CRAN) release can be installed within R with:


The development version of the package can be installed with:


This builds the package from source based on the current version on GitHub.

Browsing and Searching for Datasets

A listing of all datasets in the package can be obtained with help(package=metadat). Each dataset is also tagged with one or multiple concept terms. These concept terms refer to various aspects of a dataset, such as the field/topic of research, the outcome measure used for the analysis, the model(s) used for analyzing the data, and the methods/concepts that can be illustrated with the dataset. The datsearch() function can be used to search among the existing datasets in the package based on their concept terms or based on a full-text search of their corresponding help files.

You can also read the documentation online at (where the output from the example analyses corresponding to each dataset is provided).

Contributing New Datasets

We welcome contributions of new datasets to the package. For each dataset, there must be a citable reference, ideally in a peer-reviewed journal or publication. The general workflow for contributing a new dataset is as follows:

Citing the Package

If you use these data, please cite both the metadat package (see citation("metadat") for the reference) and the original source of the data as given under the help file of a dataset.

Bug/Error Reports

If you think you have found an error in an existing dataset or a bug in the package in general, please go to and open up a new issue.